SYNERGIA emulates the dki Synergy synthesizer as a VST3/AU plugin. The original Synergy was released in 1982 as one of the first commercial digital synthesizers, featuring additive and FM synthesis in its core. It appears on several Wendy Carlos' works, including the Tron soundtrack and the classic Beauty in the Beast album, as well as on Donald Fagen's first solo album Nightfly. Synergy is based on earlier Crumar GDS and Bell Labs Alles Machine designs.

Synergia plugin attempts to reproduce Synergy's sound as accurately as possible. The plugin runs the original eprom binary in an emulated z80 environment, and models the discrete oscillator board in integer arithmetic. Other subsystems such as the front panel, keyboard, sequencer, cartridge, midi and external control ports are modeled as well. Analog board antialiasing filter's linear properties are approximated, but nonlinearities of the DAC, filter and amp sections are yet to be implemented. The plugin has preliminary support for Wendy Carlos' custom microtonal Synergy build.

The plugin is currently in beta testing. The emulation is already quite accurate as shown by the screenshots below, but i want to still perfect the ramps before making a public release. The downloads will appear here in early 2021. For more info contact jariseon -at-

The spectrograms of a simple dynamic two-operator FM stack below compare a hardware Synergy (top) vs. emulation (bottom). Original spectrograms by Ross Totino, cropped to mono for easier observation.